May was especially difficult for missionaries George and Virginia, but reflecting the struggles that would continue and praying for the challenges that would come in June, on the last day of the month, God put a striking word in George's heart, celebration!

Ten years ago, precisely on 14/06/2010, the missionaries left Brazil for Romania, their new home. This choice resulted in many resignations: not to celebrate closely the birthday of dear friends and family, not to follow the birth and growth of nephews, not to say goodbye to relatives who died and not to be by their parents' side in times of illness, mourning and pain.

Start of ministry in 2010

There is no way we cannot remember Jesus' promise made in Matthew 19:29 as he read stestimony to our brethren! And for the glory of God, George and Virginia enjoy this promise, either through the support of so many maintainers and intercessors who have embraced the cross-cultural mission, or the loving welcome and respect of the churches and families of romanian brothers, pastors, and leaders, or through the countless friends who are scattered throughout the world today.

"And all who have left home, brothers, sisters, father, mother, children, or property because of me will receive in return a hundred times more and inherit eternal life. ”

There are countless achievements and reasons to celebrate! But the greatest of them is undoubtedly the opportunity to experience God's kingdom and family like never before. During these 10 years, missionaries experienced the grace, care, and provision of the Father, their daily support.

When we give our lives to the Lord's service, as living offerings at His altar, we receive much more than we offer. This is real both in our lives and in the lives of our missionaries. When it comes to donation, no one beats God.

In this special month, a time of commemoration for the Carvalho family, Jorge says: "If a thousand lives had, a thousand would give to God who is faithful in all his promises and kind in all that he does." Let us celebrate together with our brothers and sisters the goodness and faithfulness of the Father!