In this difficult chapter in the history of humanity, we need, more than ever, the grace and favor of God to stand firm! We must be grateful and constantly remember that daily life is a miracle.

This is the thought that, in recent months has guided the Ribeiro da Costa family.

For the main news about our missionaries who, in addition to living and serving in southern Spain, also work in North Africa, check below!

Gratitude without size

There are many reasons why the hearts of Enoque and Simone are overflowing with joy! First, Jamile, the couple’s youngest daughter, turned 15 years old! Because of social isolation, the missionaries were unable to receive guests for a feast. Still, with the grace of God and the creativity of the whole family, Jamile won a beautiful and special celebration, which even had the participation of family members through calls via WhatsApp!

The fact that Hadassa, the eldest daughter, has completed her first year of college with praise is also a source of gratitude and the family knows well. Even in the face of ministerial transitions and pressure during the pandemic, the average student completed the first year of study with an above-average performance. Praise God!

Service at the Immigrant Center

At the beginning of the pandemic, missionaries had to go a few days without opening the Immigrant Center, a ministry that serves hundreds of foreign families with food donations.

By God’s grace, now that they are equipped with masks and gloves and following the standards of prevention to Covid-19, work has resumed and many immigrant families are being helped with food!

This, which was already a very important job, became even more fundamental, since several people lost their jobs and face drastic economic needs.

North Africa

With its borders closed, Enoque has failed to leave Spain to make his trips in support of pastors and leaders serving in North Africa.

Despite this, the missionary is communicating periodically with the brothers who are on the other continent. The challenge of the moment is to raise financial resources for the purchase and distribution of food for Christian families – and, through them, for Muslim families – who are suffering great deprivation.

Thus, the Ribeiro da Costa family asks us to pray:

– Spain and the families affected by COVID-19;
– for his work at the Immigrant Center;
– support for the persecuted church in North Africa;
– the return of Hadassa to the university;
– for God’s sake during the rise of the euro.