In the region of Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Diego and Michele continue to dedicate themselves with effort to ministerial activities, despite the scenario.Certain that, in all circumstances, God is in control. Keep up on our missionaries!

Life in the church

Even in these times of pandemic, in which the rules of social distancing prevent the realization of face-to-face services, the Santos Family has experienced more of God’s Grace.

Ministry at the First Baptist Church in Cinnamon has been a privilege for the couple! The church already has 25 members and there are still others who wish to integrate it through baptism.

Distancing, contrary to what might be expected, has generated more communion and intimacy among the brothers and sisters.

In addition to the services, which Diego conducts on Wednesdays and Sundays, every month Michele holds an online meeting attended by the women of the church. Among the last approaches of the meetings, topics such as “contentment” and “forgiveness” guided the conversations and, during the weeks, are divided into pairs of prayers.

The CAB, the Bible Improvement Course in which Diego is coordinator, has been happening online. In this format, costs could be reduced, expanding access to people from all over Brazil. The course started with 3 students and reached 23 enrolled in the next module.

Covid- 19

The Region of Gramado/Canela depends entirely on tourism. It is the second most visited place in Brazil. The Covid-19 pandemic has bankrupted many shops, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of commerce. Through church leaders, missionaries have become aware that many have tried against their lives.

The state has adopted specific measures of distancing and security, this allows residents to develop the minimum of necessary activities with some security. Still, the region where Diego and Michele reside has greatly increased the number of cases and this is a reason for prayers.

Other reasons:

– By the Theological Seminary of Gramado, because the pandemic scenario makes planning difficult for the next semesters. May God give wisdom and lead the missionaries’ decisions so that the STG can continue to serve and support churches.

– By the region of Gramado and Canela, which depends economically on tourism and suffers from the reflexes of social isolation. In addition, the number of cases of Covid-19 increased long after Valentine’s Day, when the city became full of visitors.

– For the health and livelihood of the Santos family.