Despite facing a strict and mandatory quarantine, the Gallinucci family, who serve in Santiago (Chile), continue to work without ceasing to bless lives and assist the Chilean people, who suffer greatly from the deprivations caused by the pandemic.

The critical situation of the country

The social isolation regime, which aims to contain the advance of Covid-19, has been going on for more than five months. Only two weekly departures are allowed with a maximum duration of three hours and people can only go to the market, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

The crisis also hit the supply of basic products. In addition to suffering from the lack of several items, the population needs to deal with rising prices.

This situation is further complicated by the harsh Chilean winter, which multiplies lung diseases and generates an increase in costs, since it is necessary to keep the environments well heated.

Serving in the midst of the pandemic

In this complicated context, the Gallinucci family has taken every opportunity to serve and bring God’s love in many ways to many people. Check out some of these actions below:

1- The manufacture of foot covers for the children’s hospital; missionaries have also organized teams of volunteers for the same service.

2- In the church, the assembly of various food baskets, cleaning articles and toiletries. The kits have served many families who are facing urgent needs and difficulties.

3- In partnership with the Creeser Foundation, the missionaries participated in an initiative of care, psychological and spiritual support for professionals who are on the front line of the fight against coronavirus. The main objective of the action was to offer refuge, comfort and strengthening to people who are living in a time of great insecurity and pressure.

Technology as an advantage

Through digital platforms our missionaries have conducted Small Group meetings and held weekly services.

A remarkable and inspiring experience was the opportunity to bless a wedding through Zoom, with the participation of guests spread throughout the world.

Special prayer for the family of Regina Gallinucci

Sadly, a few days ago, the brother of missionary Regina died from complications caused by Covid-19. He lived in São Paulo, was a doctor and fought for his life for about 10 days in the ICU.

The family is very shaken, especially Regina’s father, still sensitive to his wife’s death a year ago.

May the Holy Spirit be the force in this difficult moment of mourning and pain, consolation to the family members who are on Brazilian soil and to the missionary, who is far away, in Chile.

Other prayer requests

– So that, in this situation of hopelessness, the Chilean people may know the source of Peace, Love and true Hope which is Jesus;
– For the support of the Gallinucci family and its missionary project in these times of global crisis;
– So that our missionaries continue to be used to achieve lives that need God.

*During the edition of this bulletin, one of the prayer requests was a need that the Lord supplied, praise God!