In Mozambique, where the coronavirus pandemic has imposed on the State the “Situation of Public Calamity”, the loosening of social isolation and the resumption of activities have been occurring slowly and gradually, always considering the appropriate preventive measures.

Thank God the Yoshimura family is well and working hard to serve the Mozambican people. At this time of adaptations and changes, Roger and Ludmilla opted for a new format for their children’s school life: homeschooling, that is, home education, often mediated by parents.

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Return of classes at the Theological Institute of Lichinga (INTEL)

Recently, the Directorate of Religious Affairs authorized the return of classes at the Lichinga Theological Institute (INTEL), an institution in which Roger teaches. Since 24 August, teachers and students have resumed their activities, meeting and respecting all safety recommendations.

In collaboration with the Lichinga District Education Directorate, INTEL has dedicated itself to initiatives to combat Covid and has therefore opened its doors to promote health and safety in the municipality.

In a training event that brought together 73 primary, secondary and technical school principals, preventive strategies and actions were discussed to ensure a safe return to classes in public schools.

At the same time, Ludmila works on the CECAVI (Caminho da Vida Educational Center) project. There, she holds classes and culinary meetings with the women of the community, teaching cooking techniques and sharing God’s love.

May the Lord continue to be led by Roger and Ludmila, so that more Mozambicans may know the love of Christ and be blessed by the ministry and life of our brothers and sisters.

Prayer requests

– In northern Mozambique, specifically cabo delgado province, which faces instability due to insurgent groups;
– Physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety;
I keep it.