Reality of the churches

According to data from the Internal Revenue Service, between 2010 and 2017, 25 churches were opened in Brazil per day. This should be good news since such a reality based on the principles of God’s word would have great potential to transform society, but the reality is different.
The new communities and some in activity lack the development and vision in areas elementary to the health of the body of Christ:

missionary awakening, training, teaching, discipleship, leadership development, planning, and support to carry out missionary work.

Subject taken seriously

If the current trend is maintained, these churches are unlikely to become healthy and survive to the test of time. This matter is taken so seriously by the Sepal missionaries that

“churches working together to reach nations” is the organization’s vision.

We need to do more

For 52 years churches and leaders have been restored from the influence of Sepal, and each year new missionaries are integrated into our call to serve pastors and leaders.

Today, Sepal is maintained through monthly financial support from its missionaries and resources from the Sepal Meetings, but

the demand is so great, that our performance needs to be greater than we have already done to date.
Shall we go together?

Sepal numbers

*Source: Sepal Report 2018

109 missionaries
acting in Brazil
and in 7 countries.
34,257 leaders
(including lay people, men and women)
who participated in events in which
Missionaries Sepal Brazil, or their
ministries were involved.
26 states + DF
h the performance of the
Sepal Missionaries.
26,000 participants
have already gone through our main
training event, the Sepal Meeting.
474,548 people
who received the publications
(including social media and web page)
that missionaries
Sepal Brazil/its ministries produced.
26,447 conversions
result of the performance of the
sepal missionaries and their ministries.
2,096 students
theology, students of
bible school, seminary
or training center
missionary, in which
Sepal missionaries
Brazil ministered.

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