“The Lord is close to those who have broken hearts and save those of a broken spirit.” Psalm 34:18

It’s true: in 2020, our lives turned upside down! It’s just that overnight, our routines changed completely and we had to adhere to social isolation, making all the necessary adaptations.

It was no different for Oswaldo and Sirley Prado. Our missionaries have been quarantined for over 150 days, inside their apartment in Londrina, Paraná! They are physically away from family, friends, the church and the Sepal team.

But according to Oswaldo, even in these difficult times, a wonderful change arose: greater closeness to the Lord. “We are closer to God! And he is closer to us!” said the missionary. And that has been the feeling and consolation for these times of Covid-19.

The service does not stop!

In recent weeks, Oswaldo and Sirley have continued to teach, mentor and preach through digital platforms. For the honor and glory of the Lord Jesus, the ministry has come a long way and the missionary’s demand for work has also increased greatly!

Recently, since online resources allow great mobility, the couple participated in several meetings and remote events around Brazil. It is worth mentioning as examples the Missionary Conference of IP Manaus and a virtual cult in the Presbyterian Church of Ipiranga, in which Oswaldo spoke about spirituality in times of pandemic.

For the next few days, missionaries will devote themselves to a number of other commitments. Below, you check out some of them:

– Mentoring Sepal Pastores Jovens – Northern Region of Paraná;
– Mentoring Church Planters;
– Meeting Mentors Sepal Brazil;
– Missionary Conferences;
– Meeting of Pastors and Sepal Leaders.

No one knows what the next few months will be like, but that we continue to trust in God, who always remains close to us. Let us pray for the doctors, who meet courageously thousands of patients every day. Also by the biomedical, who are working hard to have a vaccine soon.