For your grace is better than life; My lips praise you.

Psalm 63:03

“2020 is being a year full of surprises – some good; others not so much. We learn day after day that we should be grateful and praise the Lord for the gift of life.” (Rubens Lig

Get to know the main news of the life and ministry of Rubens and Magali Luz, our missionaries who serve in Portugal.

About health

In June, Magali was diagnosed with Covid-19. For 20 days, our sister remained in strict social isolation, but by God’s grace, the period was asymptomatic. The time of solitude was lived in deep communion with the Lord.

It is a reason to thank the fact that, even in the midst of the health difficulties imposed by the pandemic, the missionary was able to continue her treatments related to the tumor.

Rubens, in turn, presented a picture of glycemic uncontrollability that could lead to diabetes in the future. However, using physical exercise and a strict diet, the missionary was able to control his blood glucose rate.


The last few months have been a lot of work, most of them being carried out remotely, thanks to technology.

Magali shares daily devotionals with a group of almost 30 people and follows the Women in Ministries (MM) groups, working on values such as transparency, trust, commitment and feedback. In addition, the missionary realizes lives, which allow an expressive reach for the spread of the word of God.

Rubens is dedicated to the health care of Magali and other fronts of ministries: Member Care Portugal, mentoring with pastors and cooperating in the development of the so-called Biblical Leadership Program.


– Care of the Lord with family members in Brazil;
– Internet that brings people spatially distant;
– Fidelity of maintainers;
– Medical arrangements;
– Physical energy to serve even in the midst of limitations;
– Sepal missionary team in Portugal.

Prayer requests

– by performing a Magali examination of the Brain Perfusion Skull Magnetic Resonance, which provides very detailed images of the situation of a previously treated tumor;
– Health situation in Portugal and Europe with the beginning of the school year;
– Process of revitalization of the Church of Belas, with the support of the New Life Network and the new pastor.