Below you will check out the latest news about the Carvalho family, directly from Romania.

Rest time

“Rest, more than an option, is an order from God. In general, we can say that everything that God created needs to rest, in fact, He himself rested on the seventh day, not because he was tired, but because better than doing something is to stop to celebrate what was done.” Jorge Carvalho

In early July, the Carvalho family took a few days off to rest and recharge. Enjoying the Romanian summer, Jorge, Virginia and their children Filipe and Elisa spent four delicious days on a Black Sea beach. Nothing better, for a family that came from Christmas, than a nice sea bath! Refreshment of the Most High!

A ministry that inspires

Recently, the missionaries held a virtual meeting called “follow-up”, with the intention of continuing work with the brothers who participated in evangelism and discipleship training throughout the first semester.

The emphasis of the course is prayer as the main strategy to gain life for Christ. Thus, Jorge and Virginia were very happy to hear the testimony of some participants, especially that of a teenager living in northern Romania. She said:

“This course has helped me greatly to understand what the verse of Thessalonians which says, ‘pray without ceasing’. I understood that prayer is not only when we kneel and say a lot of words ended with an ‘amen’ and then we continue life. Prayer is a way of life. Prayer gives us power, as Christians, to survive every day. We can pray as we sing or when we talk to the Father, when we cry in our pains, and when we praise Him in our joys. Prayer can be done with an audible voice or in spirit, more than that, prayer is when He speaks to us and we hear His voice.”

Glory to God for the inspiration that the ministry and training promoted by our brothers and sisters represent in the lives of so many people! May the Lord continue to bear fruit on the work done in Romania, raising more and more local Christians to the work and raising the hearts of more and more Romanians with his Word of Love and Salvation!