“Rejoice always in the Lord. Again I will say: rejoice!” (Philippians 4.4)

Ana Cecilia was looking for a Book of the Bible for her devotional moments when a friend invited her to study Philippians via zoom for six weeks. The letter is very propitious for the time we are living in, Paul’s emphasis on Christians to rejoice is exciting! Especially because of the situation in which the Apostle was when he wrote the letter: it is clear that such contentment is only possible when we think of the perspective of eternity.

Tragically, two days after the last online encounter, a dear friend of Ana’s and also part of the group died in an asthmatic crisis. In the same week, twice the family received in their garage, the visit of *monocle snake, in addition to the situation with covid-19. “These are the constant reminders that life is a breath and that all we live here is God’s grace and have helped us bring contentment in the Lord, while we pray for dear bereaved friends and friends,” says Ana Cecilia.

*Translated from English, the monoculum snake, also called the monocellate snake, is a poisonous species of snake spread throughout south and southeast Asia (Wikipedia).

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In Thailand, the country was very efficient and quickly stabilized the number of cases of Covid-19. Thus, in July, the schools reopened, with the proper protocols. In the province, where the missionaries live, the trade also gradually opened again.

It was two months of severe quarantine in the country and to continue the ministry activities, the missionaries participated in team meetings, prayer services and Bible study groups, all online.

With the loosening, Bruno and Ana Cecilia resumed the study of the local language and dedicate themselves to the ministry of football, which will offer training on Saturdays for the community.

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In the family, Raquel, the youngest of the couple turned 4 years old and wanted to celebrate the anniversary in the company of the sons and daughters of other missionaries, as well as some neighbors. It was a great opportunity to approach!

In addition, missionaries had the opportunity to meet some churches that have already reopened. In one of them, Bruno shared his testimony in Thai, it was a special occasion to build the Thai brothers and still practice the language.

May the Word of The Paul in Ephesians be a constant in the lives of our brothers and sisters!

“Rejoice always in the Lord. Again I will say: rejoice!” (Philippians 4.4)


– Salvation in Jesus;
– Return of social life;
– Health, protection and deliverances;
– Support from the Brazilian Church.


– Direction in the definition of the church in which to congregate;
– Good testimony and close-up with the neighbors;
– Comfort to the relatives of Ana’s deceased friend.