I raise my eyes to the mountains: where will the help come from? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 121.1-2

In a year, a lot can change! The pandemic situation we’ve all been through is perhaps the clearest evidence of this reality. Every day we receive news from all over the world, and gradually they become closer, more difficult and painful. But if much has changed, we still have an important, unchanging and unwavering certainty: our timeless God remains with us and holds us in his hands! As the psalmist suggests in the verse quoted above:

(…) My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

They are reflections like these that have guided, comforted and fortified the Granja Vila Nova family, our missionaries who serve in Thailand.

Ministerial performance

A year ago, Bruno and Ana Cecilia were studying the Thai language very hard. They knew that mastering the language would be fundamental to ministerin the life of the local population in a future ministry.

Today they still study Thai, but they already use knowledge in the language to work in the ministry of football. Started in July, the football school, whose main objective is to achieve lives, already has an average of 21-25 children per training!

And most amazingly, our missionaries had good conversations with the families of some of the students about God’s love.

Integration with the Thai people

A year ago, living in Lopburi, the Granja Vila Nova family prayed for its neighbors and experienced remarkable situations, in which it was clear the action of God. Now, in a new city and neighborhood, they cry out for opportunities for Jesus to touch the hearts of the people through his ministry.

A neighbor, who little Raquel considers her Thai grandmother, has become increasingly attached to the missionaries and, consequently, demonstrated openness to receive the message of salvation. May she and her husband open their hearts to Jesus!

The family of Ana Cecilia in Brazil

A year ago, our missionary’s parents visited them in Thailand, where they spent a lot of time and killed their grandchildren’ longings.

In Brazil, both José Júlio and Mrs. Laise (Parents of Ana Cecilia) and Samuel, the missionary’s younger brother, contracted Covid-19. If Ana Cecilia’s mother and brother had lighter symptoms, the father had to be hospitalized. Also during the edition of this bulletin, we learned of the passing of Brother José Julio, father of our missionary. He died on 29/09 and on 30/09 the funeral service was held at the Baptist Memorial Church.

At the time, Said Ana Cecilia, through a recorded testimony about the death of her father:

“God took the son of a trucker to come face to face with the Son of a carpenter, to whom is glory today and forever, aman!”

Let us pray for the Lord’s comfort throughout the family, especially the missionaries who are so far away.


– Salvation in Jesus;
– Contact with the neighbor, the Thai grandmother;
– Support from the Brazilian Church.

Prayer requests

– Good testimony among the neighbors;
– Ministry of football school and contact with students and their families.