The privilege of being a missionary

Being a missionary is a special privilege. We are all given the opportunity to testify of God, his word, and salvation through Jesus Christ. But to be a missionary is to be more than committed to proclaiming the Gospel, it is to be committed to the work wherever God has sent it.

How Sepal works

Sepal acts through the system of teams for life and ministry, in relationships that result in a context of trust for spiritual growth, care, and well-being of the missionary's family. Working in partnership with the church, we seek to collaborate with leadership the skills, resources, and ministries for the multiplication of churches and reach of nations around the world.

What does it take to be a Sepal missionary?

The selection process is based on the indication of a missionary working with the Sepal board. If you desire to be a missionary with us, contact a Sepal missionary you know or from your region.

Support of the Missionaries Sepal

All sepal missionaries need to raise their entire family support and support for their ministry.

Be a missionary

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